Wedding Videographers – Are They Worth It?

In the grand scheme of things are videographers worth it?
Will you regret not booking one for your big day?
Videographer for wedding

Let’s cut to the chase, videographers cost a hefty chunk of change! But do brides and grooms find that chunk of change to be a lifetime investment? Or does it go down in history as a very expensive feeling of remorse?

The Pros

  • You’ll have a video to cherish your special day for a lifetime
  • The video is something that you can share with your children and your children’s children
  • The ‘motion’ in video helps capture the energy and emotion of the day more than photos
  • You may see a side of your wedding that you were unable to see
  • Loved ones who are unable to attend your big day have a more personal way of ‘reliving’ the moment

The Cons

  • THE COST!!!
  • Photos are a more practical way of displaying memories from your special day throughout your home
  • Self-consciousness about how to move/what to say while videographer is around
  • The possibility for additional feelings of intrusiveness during your special moments
  • An additional vendor to have to manage (and possibly feed)


Do what makes you and your partner happy, while also staying within your budget!